Snafa-IPR brings you a thorough understanding of trademark principles and practices which are invaluable to clients seeking  to navigate through Indonesia’s unique trademark environment.

As consultant and services we support you for:

  1. Preparing and prosecuting trademark application
  2. Handling matters related to the administrative procedures of trademark, opposition and cancellation petition of trademark
  3. Handling matters related to the renewal

type of applications

  1. Trade mark application, and
  2. Service mark application

term of protection
The term of protection for a registered mark is 10 years as of the filing date. The term can be extended for the same duration within a period of not more than 12 months before the expiry of the protection period.

procedure of registration
An application which has been fulfilled the formality requirements will proceed to the step of substantial examination.
The substantial examination will be finished in the period of  9 months at the latest. In this period, the Registrar will decide whether the mark is registered or not.
If the mark can be registered, the mark will be published within the period of  3 months. In the period of publication, any party may file an objection against the registration of the mark.
If there is an objection, the Registrar will re-examine the mark within the period of 2 months as of the date of expiry of publication. If there is no objection, the Registrar will register the mark and grant a Mark Certificate to the applicant within a period of 30 days at the latest from the date of the expiry of the publication.
If a mark is refused by the Registrar, an appeal to the Registrar’s decision can be filed after the decision has been issued.

priority rights
An applicant of a trade mark registration can claim the priority rights within a period of 6 months at the latest as of the first filing date of the application in another country, which is a member of the Paris Convention for the protection of Industrial Property or a member of the World Trade Organization.

documents required to file an application

  1. Power of Attorney
  2. Statement of Mark Owner (no authorization required)
  3. 25 prints of the mark In max size: 9×9 cm, and
  4. Certified copy of Priority Document if the application claims priority rights).

Documents made out in any language other than English, translation by a sworn translator is compulsory.



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